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SJ Public Schoolis a premier, English medium co-educational institute situated in the heart of Jaipur. The school was established in July 1986 under the patronage of Shri Shwetamber Jain Vidyalya Shiksha Samiti in order to provide quality education, in a place where the students’ needs are at the centre of educational philosophy. A sprawling campus nesting in lush green lawns, provides an environment that is conducive to meeting the intellectual pursuits and holistic development of nearly 2000 students who come here to study, to build on their dreams and to blossom into upright citizens, of whom any country will feel proud. It is a path breaker in the pursuit of excellence. Whether in the field of academics, sports, arts or music, we believe that every child has inherent talents which we strive to unearth and foster through individual attention.

The Jains are are ligious minority in India, with Jainism being one of the oldest religion in the world. The religion is traditionally known as Jain Shasan or Jain dharma and prescribes a path of ahimsa – nonviolence-towards all living beings. It emphasises spiritual interdependence and equality between all forms of life.

SJPS endeavors to incorporate these principles in the morals and values imparted to its students

SJ Public School

Members of Managing Committee


1. Sh. Vimal Chand Surana Sr. Patron
2 Sh. Surendra Kumar Golcha Sr. Patron
3 Sh. Vijay Kumar Mehta President & Sr. Patron
4 Sh. Shirish Poonglia Vice President & Sr. Patron
5 Sh. Subhash Golecha Secretary
6 Sh. Anil Shrimal Jt. Secretary
7 Sh. Birdi Mal Dasot Treasurer
8 Sh. Sanjay Dasot Director (Academic)
9 Sh. Manoj Burad Director (Finance)
10 Smt. Nirmala Poongalia Member
11 Sh. Rikhab Chand Shah Member
12 Sh. Bhag Chand Chhajer Member
13 Sh. Trilok Chand Golecha Member
14 Dr. Sunita Jain Member
15 Sh. Praveen Nahta Member
16 Sh. Komal Jain Member
17 Sh. Devendra Kumar Maloo Member
18 Sh. Rahul Jain Member
19 Sh. Anil Mehta Member
20 Sh. S.C. Juniwal Education Rep.
21 Sh. M.C Bhandari Education Rep.
22 Sh. Yashwant Vijayvargiya Parents Rep.
23 Sh. Sharda Chordia Parents Rep.
24 Smt. Saroj Singh Principal
25 Mr. R. S. Tanwar Staff Rep.
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