School Rules for Students

  • The school strives to promote the virtue of punctuality among the students. Late comers may not be allowed to attend the classes.
  • Students are required to report to the school in proper school uniform with well trimmed hair/tied hair, identity card, school belt and well polished shoes. Nails must be kept clean, plain and short.
  • Carrying of mobiles in the school premises is strictly prohibited.
  • Students must protect the school property and contribute to enhance the beauty of the school. Expenses incurred on any damage done to school property by any student will be fully borne by his/her, parent/guardian.
  • The students are required to behave in a courteous manner in the school premises.
    • Do not keep hands in the pockets while talking to others.
    • Do not overtake seniors/guests while walking in the corridors.
    • Do not walk away without greeting people. Do not interrupt when somebody is speaking.
  • Students must compulsorily converse in English whenever they are in the school premises.
  • Any unethical or indecent behavior in the school premises or in the vicinity of the school, that brings disrepute to the school, will be unacceptable.
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