An English Medium Co-Educational Senior Secondary School


The school has a spacious campus covering app. 33,000 sq. yards of land, well equipped with modern amenities. The school has three buildings, “VATSALYA”, “SANSKAR” AND “PRAGYA” for Pre – Primary, Primary and Secondary & Senior Secondary Classes.

Quality Objective

We as a team aim to achieve excellence in education by :

  • Continually improving existing student performance.
  • Regular student feedback system.

Academic Excellence

It is the foremost priority of the school. Continuous and comprehension evaluation is put to optimum use to motivate the learners and augment their learning. A variety if stimuli is provided to the learners to ignite their knowledge and intellect. Students learn through hands on experiences, seminar , workshops and group activities. Guest speakers and counsellors are also invited to share their knowledge on different issues with the children.


The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi vide affiliation No. 1730057


From The Principal’s Desk

The attainment of ‘Atma Buddhi’ through constant introspection, free thinking and innovation, is a fundamental building block in a child’s intellectual and spiritual development. Providing am impetus in this direction is one of the basic tenets of education. At SJPS, we believe every child is different, with a treasure trove of unique potential stored in him. With proper guidance and care, each child can emerge as a catalyst of desirable change.


When navigators are stalwarts the ship shall steer forth…
SJPS is the realization of the long cherished dreams of Shri Mahtab Chand Golcha, Shri Harish Chandra Golcha, Shri Hasti Chand Mehta, popularly known as “Ranaji”, Shri Rikhab Chand Poongalia and many other sincere, devoted and dedicated and dedicated members of Shri Shwetamber Jain Community.


Various Facilities

A sprawling campus nesting in lush green lawns, provides an environment that is conducive to meeting the intellectual pursuits and holistic development of nearly 2000 students who come here to study, to build on their dreams and to blossom into upright citizens, of whom any country will feel proud. It is a path breaker in the pursuit of excellence. Whether in the field of academics, sports, arts or music, we believe that every child has inherent talents which we strive to unearth and foster through individual attention.

  • The school has well equipped laboratories for Chemistry, Physics, Biology & Computer Science.
  • We have a canteen that provides nutritious snacks.
  • An extensive library promotes reading habits.
  • The sick room is equipped to handle medical requirements.
  • Bus services are provided for various routes.

School Curriculum


English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Environmental Studies (Classes 1st-2nd), Social Studied(Classes 3rd-5th), Computer Science, Games, Music, Dance, Art and Craft.


English. Hindi, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer Science, Games, Music, Dance, Art and Craft.


English. Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Foundation of Information Technology.


Commerce Stream: English, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Informatics Practices, Applied Maths, Physical Education, Commerical Art.

Science Stream: English core, Physics, Chemistry, Informatics Practices, Mathematics, Biology, Physical Education, Commercial Art, Psychology.

Humanities Stream: English core, Sociology, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Economics, Commercial Art, Informatics Practices, Commercial Art, Applied Maths.

Excursions & Educational tours

Learning in a recreational manner stimulates interest and a sense of adventure. Students are taken outdoors on excursions as well as educational tours.

These activities will enhance the overall development of a child, creating in him/her a desire to explore new things, widen his/her horizons and will cultivate the art of sharing and enjoying the great outdoors.

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